• Egypt’s interim civilian government has offered its resignation to the ruling military council after several days of protests against security forces. And, photos of the violent clashes in Cairo. [NYT]

• A J Street founder and board member allegedly met with Hamas officials while reporting on smuggling operations in Gaza. [Washington Jewish Week]

• In 1980, Richard Brody ran into Woody Allen at Mott Street restaurant Sam Wo’s. Absurdity ensued. [New Yorker]

• In other Allen-family news, 23-year-old Ronan Farrow—child of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow—won a Rhodes Scholarship to study international development at Oxford. Another winner was Princeton senior Miriam Rosenbaum, who will study bioethics at Oxford. [Jewish Journal]

• The Times takes a bike tour through Tel Aviv. [NYT]

• Marvin Hamlisch sold his Park Avenue apartment and moved out of New York City. [Observer]