Pro-Assad Syrians rally in Damascus on Sunday.(Louai BesharaAFP/Getty Images)

• All (other) Arab countries backed a U.N. General Assembly resolution condemning Syria, while European countries planned a move at the Security Council. [FP Turtle Bay]

• At last night’s debate, Republican candidates argued over Iran and Syria. The most important moment at the national security-focused event, however, concerned illegal immigration—illustrating, perhaps, that foreign affairs will play a minimal role in the campaign. [NYT]

• Hamas may never have had it so good as right now. [NYT]

• An Israeli minister and retired general warned that the Egyptian unrest will likely empower elements that oppose the peace with Israel. [WP/AP]

• Speaking of, Egypt’s leaders’ concessions appeared not to alleviate the Tahrir crowds’ dissatisfaction. [NYT]

• Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged Israel to unfreeze the $100 million or so in tax revenue that it is withholding from the Palestinian Authority due to its new UNESCO membership. [AP/WP]