Homs, Syria, a few days ago.(Anwar Amro/AFP/Getty Images)

• The Arab League issued sanctions against its own member state, Syria, a stark statement reminiscent of its endorsement of military action against Libya—a regime that now no longer exists. [NYT]

• Noting that the Palestinian Authority has not engaged in any unilateral moves since joining UNESCO, Prime Minister Netanyahu said he is considering unfreezing more than $100 million in tax revenues it is due. [Haaretz]

• The spread of “price tag” attacks into Israel proper as well as the bevy of harsh right-wing laws being considered in the Knesset have many worried about the future of free speech in Israel. [WP]

• Some more anti-Semitic vandalism in Brooklyn. [JTA/Forward]

• Bernie Fine, the longtime Syracuse assistant basketball coach who helped found the Jewish Coaches Association, was fired over accusations of sexual abuse after a third alleged victim came forward. [AP/NYT]

• With the NBA lockout over, Jordan Farmar may have played his last game for Maccabi Tel Aviv. [Haaretz]