The season of lists.(IMDB)

It’s holiday season, and, like Santa, we are in the mood to make lists. Last year, we gave you our top 100 Jewish songs of all time. This year, we’re taking it to the big screen with our definitive selection of the greatest 100 Jewish films in history.

Coming up with the list was no easy task. We spent hours arguing about just what it was that made a film Jewish, and what made one Jewish film more important than another. We’re sure what we came up with will inspire some and infuriate others, but, hopefully, it will get us all thinking about what makes motion pictures such a great–and a greatly Jewish–art form.

Starting Monday, we’ll present you with a new batch of cinema magic each day of the week. Can you guess what our number one pick is? Which movies would you have chosen? Which are overlooked? Which overrated? We’d love to know your thoughts (see: comments!). And don’t forget to grab some popcorn.

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