Newt Gingrich at the Republican Jewish Coalition forum yesterday.(Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images))

• All the candidates who spoke at yesterday’s Republican Jewish Coalition forum professed hardline pro-Israel policies and espoused especially belligerent rhetoric against Iran. [Politico]

• After a first round of elections that handed big victories to Islamists, the Egyptian military is insisting that it will continue to handle constitutional and other big questions for some time. [NYT]

• Nicholas Kristof finds that support for and the agenda of the most popular Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, is driven mainly by the desire for basic services. [NYT]

• David Ignatius reports on the growing and actually useful alliance between the United States and Turkey, predicated above all on a wide array of mutual interests. [WP]

• The comments of Howard Gutman, the ambassador to Belgium, have been like manna for Republicans looking to paint the administration as anti-Israel. It’s almost as though they should have fired him by now. [AP/Vos Iz Neias?]

• Hamas set a condition on participation in a unity government: elections in East Jerusalem, which it is allowed to contest. The demand is in part intended to force Israel to deny the request and thereby be seen as torpedoing reconciliation. Nicely done. [Haaretz]