A Palestinian inspects his truck, likely burned in a price tag attack, this morning.(Jaafar Ashtiyeh/AFP/Getty Images)

• Dozens of settlers attacked an IDF base (!) following rumors that their outposts were slated to be removed. This might prove the straw that broke the camel’s back in terms of “price tag” attacks. There was also the brief “occupation” of a base near the Jordan border. Defense Minister Barak condemned “homegrown terror.” [NYT]

• At an emergency meeting called by Prime Minister Netanyahu, at least one minister supported labeling certain right-wing Israeli Jewish groups as “terrorist organizations” following these events. [JPost]

• Meanwhile, Israeli police play Javert to the Jean Valjeans who have attempted arson at six mosques in the past two months. [Haaretz]

• President Obama asked for his drone back earlier this week. Yesterday, Iran said no. Who saw that coming? [NYT]

• Russia and China are yet again blocking action against Syria at the U.N. Security Council. The current smokescreen is, of course, Why aren’t we discussing the Palestinians? [FP Turtle Bay]

• A worldwide index of religious freedom scored Israel a 0. In fairness, it gave the same score to Afghanistan, China, Turkey, and 49 other countries. [Haaretz]