Sacha Baron Cohen in his latest costume.(StarzLife)

• In the Holy Land, even ramps are fought over. Fortunately, Israel’s re-opening of one particular ramp might lessen the fighting. [AP/WP]

• Some Haredim have prevented some women from voting in Jerusalem elections. This came right after the mayor spoke out against gender discrimination. [AP/WP]

• Early-‘80s Ronald Reagan would have been hounded out of the Republican Party for his Israel rhetoric. [Ben Smith]

Times Dining has a bevy of Hanukkah articles: kashering the White House kitchen; contributing editor Joan Nathan on herring; apple-potato latkes; and a chocolate hanukkiah.

• The Dutch withdrew a bill that would have outlawed kosher slaughter. David P. Goldman wrote about kosher slaughter for Tablet Magazine. [JTA]

• New York’s largest kosher eatery has now closed, a victim of the Occupy Wall Street protests (and, some would argue, of the overreacted police presence thereof). [Koshertopia]

We are clearly all helpless before Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator.