The new Iranian missile is tested yesterday.(Ebrahim Noroozi/AFP/Getty Images)

• Soon after President Obama enacted tougher financial sanctions, Iran test-fired a new medium-range missile and announced it had developed its first-ever own uranium fuel rods. Yet, hit hard by sanctions, it also called for a new round of six-party talks. [WP]

• Speaking of: the Israelis and the Palestinians meet today in Amman. Keep expectations very low. More later. [NYT]

• Amid the latest tensions in Israel, ultra-Orthodox protesters marched in striped prison uniforms and yellow stars. And would you believe some folks found this tasteless? [NYT]

• Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, which won a plurality of votes in two rounds of parliamentary voting and is the most popular of the Islamic parties that won majorities, said it will not recognize Israel and will try to cancel the peace treaty. [JPost]

• Hamas and Turkey grew closer as the head of Hamas’ Gaza government visited Istanbul. [NYT]

• Ilan Grapel, the Israeli-American law student, writes for the first time about his detention this summer in Egypt, and defends his trip. [WP]