The Jerusalem Post profiles a 30-year-old from California who’s merging hip hop with Sabbath prayer. We’ve been composing religious raps for years now (well, years in an ant’s life and yes, Touré, we know: hip hop and rap are different genres). That said, here’s a sample for all the players and the player haters. You can also hear our demo.

It’s Friday evening—ev’rything is windin’ down
Time is now—hang up those uniforms, clown

Cause as the sun sets, rises up the Sabbath Queen
Bitch is kinda mean—she’s not playin’ (uhn uhn)

Stop your work. Light up them candles.
Homies on the block: it’s time to buckle up your sandals

Get yer asses to the table.
Sing a song, go eat some challah

If yer down with what I’m saying, then it’s time for you to holla!

Hip-Hop Shabbat Brings Youth Back to Religion [JPost]