• Iran angrily labeled a new planned oil embargo by the European Union “an economic war.” [NYT]

• There are conflicting reports over whether Iran responded favorably to the Turkish foreign miniser’s overture for more nuclear talks. In the past, Iran has proposed fuel swaps with Turkey where the West has demanded swaps with Russia. [Yahoo! The Envoy]

• Despite statements to the contrary apparently made for domestic consumption, the Muslim Brotherhood reassured the United States that it intends to uphold the Egypt-Israel peace treaty. [Ynet]

• The second Amman meeting between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators will be on Monday. [Haaretz]

• Israel and the U.S. are about to commence a major joint missile defense exercise. [DPA/Haaretz]

• Many warn that the one quarter of Israeli children who attend Haredi schools are not getting the education in math and science they will need if Israel is to keep up its pace of innovation and robust economy. [AP/WP]