President Ahmadinejad arrives in Venezuela for a South America trip yesterday.(Juan Barreto/AFP/Getty Images)

• Iran is reportedly about to begin uranium enrichment at a second site, deep inside a mountain surrounded by antiaircraft guns and therefore much less vulnerable to a hypothetical bombing. [NYT]

• Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, dominant in recent parliamentary elections, seems willing to go along to get along: it will defer to the military rulers for six months and, it claims, not ally with more radical parties. [NYT]

• The IDF apparently stopped a terrorist attack, arresting four men with weapons and pipe bombs trying to enter Israel from the West Bank. [Haaretz]

• Dennis Ross has several proposals for how to kickstart the peace process, and they all amount to giving concessions to the Palestinian Authority in order to strengthen it. [WP]

• “You know how to make the Jew jealous?” the pop megastar Katy Perry’s father reportedly preached at his Ohio church. “Have some money, honey.” [JTA]

• A vigil was held in Tucson, Arizona, to mark the first anniversary of the terrible shooting that killed six. Both amazingly and naturally, it was led by the shooting’s main target, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. [NYT]