Syrians in Damascus watch President Assad this morning.(Louai Beshara/AFP/Getty Images)

• In his first address in seven months, Syria’s President Assad remained defiant and vowed to crush opposition. [WP]

• The IDF, meanwhile, is already planning on how to handle a sudden influx Syrian refugees. [Haaretz]

• Inspectors say Iran has actually begun to enrich uranium at its second, underground site. This could be a full-fledged Israeli red line. [NYT]

• A second meeting between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators yesterday in Amman led to … nothing. The Palestinians remain adamant that direct talks must be conditioned on a freeze. [Ynet]

• The Knesset member who threw water on her colleague has been suspended for a month. [AP/WP]

• A proposed Israeli bill would make it a crime to compare someone to a Nazi. Ironically, it’s in response to the Haredi protesters who dressed up as Holocaust victims and called the police “Nazi,” though it’s civil libertarians who are condemning the bill. [AP/WP]