(Eric Molinsky)

Thanks to Steven Spielberg, Oskar Schindler’s the name that first comes to mind when many people think of figures who saved Jews from the Nazis. Schindler will soon get some competition—at least in the minds of Vox Tablet listeners. Next week’s podcast looks at the curious case of Varian Fry. He was a Harvard-educated journalist who, in 1941, volunteered for a rescue mission to sneak the likes of Hannah Arendt, Max Ernst, and hundreds of other intellectual and artistic luminaries out of Europe. He succeeded, but at what cost? That’s one of the questions that the novelist Dara Horn explored in a big piece for Tablet Magazine that will become available next week. She joins Vox Tablet on Tuesday (we’re closed on Monday) to talk about who Fry was and what he and others failed to rescue.