Tahrir Square yesterday.(Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

• Tahrir Square, one year later. [NYT]

• U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will visit the Holy Land to encourage more peace talks. [JPost]

• The current talks having gone nowhere. [NYT]

• The Western countries, backed by several Arab states, have drafted a prospective Security Council resolution that would call for President Assad to step aside and have the Arab League take over. [FP Turtle Bay]

• In what is likely its first broadcast in a Muslim country, Shoah will be seen, subtitled, on Turkish TV. [Aladdin Project/Forward Arty Semite?]

• Believe it or not, Mein Kampf is still banned in Germany. [NYT]

Maurice Sendak was on Colbert last night. It’s an incredible interview.