• The Egyptian military’s harsh probes of non-governmental organizations have led three U.S. citizens to take refuge in the embassy in Cairo. [NYT]

• Check out the Amazon Kindles Singles best-seller list. You might notice that at number two—above titles from Stephen King and Dean Koontz—is Dara Horn’s “The Rescuer” for Tablet Magazine. [Amazon Kindle Singles]

• A Palestinian television show aired an interview with the Fogel family murderer, who called him a “hero.” [Haaretz]

• A further Jewish angle to Downton Abbey! And this in addition to the news that next season we will meet the ostensibly Jewish Lady Grantham’s mother, and she will be played by Shirley MacLaine. [Jewlicious]

• A Republican congressman from Staten Island is in hot water for raising money with the help of a certain sketchy Israeli rabbi. Do I need to tell you who that is? [NYT]

• Howard Kurtz profiles DWS. [Jewcy/Newsweek]

Life moves pretty fast …