The new Text/Context, which is published in a partnership between The Jewish Week and Nextbook Inc., has come out. It is unfortunately the final edition, but, appropriately, it packs the theme, as editor Sandee Brawarsky puts it, of “the Jewish future.” A few highlights:

• Deborah E. Lipstadt, author of The Eichmann Trial, sees a future where the survivors have passed on and the burden of telling their stories will fall ever more onto educators.

• Erica Brown explains that Judaism demands constant self-examination and -reinvention—even when it comes to the small stuff.

• Sara Y. Aharon, a descendant of Jews from the Afghan city of Heart, tells of the stories that the Afghan Jewish community, which no longer exists, told itself about its continued survival.

• Contributing editor Eddy Portnoy exhumes Abraham Hochman, psychic of the Lower East Side.

• An Orthodox young man imagines the future in which he, unlike most of the other contributors, will play a starring role.

Text/Context January 2012 [The Jewish Week]