Ron Barber January 8, 2012 in Tucson, Arizona.(Photo by Jonathan Gibby/Getty Images)

• Gabby Giffords’ former aide Ron Barber, who was also injured in last year’s Tucson shooting, is running for her seat in Congress, with the former congresswoman’s support. [Politico]

• An Israeli Facebook group is asking Netanyahu to wait until after Madonna’s May 29 concert in Tel Aviv to attack Iran. [Haaretz]

• Attention, Long Islanders: Your synagogue’s caterer might have cooked coconut shrimp in the temple’s kosher kitchen. [NYT]

• Major Republican donor Sheldon Adelson’s business, Las Vegas Sands, is under federal investigation. [Reuters]

• A timeline of the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s changing story on the Planned Parenthood funding cut (and an open letter to CEO Nancy Brinker). [ProPublica]

• A Marine sniper team posed with a flag that looked a lot like a Nazi SS flag in Afghanistan. [AP]

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