• Demonstrations in Jordan, outside the cities in areas thought to be the monarchy’s support base, could mean the precariously located country is next to join the Arab Spring. [NYT]

• U.S. Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford responds to the escalating violence in Syria. [U.S. Embassy Damascus Facebook page]

• Meanwhile, Jeffrey Goldberg points out that the Assad regime, if unstopped, is on track to kill more people than died in the first and second Intifada. [Atlantic]

• A helpful illustrated history of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s family, the foundation of his regime. [Slate]

• Harvard Law professor and prominent liberal Alan Dershowitz hasn’t decided if he’s voting for Obama again. [Jewish Exponent]

• Kat Power, an American musician, canceled her upcoming concert in Israel after being pressured to boycott the country. [AP/Washington Post]