Kaplan yesterday, minutes before her death.(Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Joanna Mastroianni)

• ZELDA KAPLAN, New York’s indelible 95-year-old socialite, died in the line of duty, while in the front row of a fashion show. [Page Six]

• TEN PALESTINIANS, nine of them kindergarteners, died when their bus on the way to Ramallah in the West Bank flipped. Oh God. [Haaretz]

• IS IRAN’S NEW LASHING OUT bravado or desperation? Most expert says: the latter. [NYT]

• FOR THREE YEARS, David Ignatius notes, President Obama has bet that bringing the Muslim Brotherhood into the democratic process would moderate it. We’re still waiting to see if he has won. [WP]

• ISRAEL’S CABINET IS DIVIDED over whether to take a firm stance on Syria; those against doing so argue it will lead to anti-Israel conspiracy theories. [Haaretz]

BREAKING: MATISYAHU IS GROWING his beard back. [Jewish Journal]