• Ari Shavit calls for “new-peaceniks” to abandon the Oslo paradigm and instead work with the international community to trade most of the land for a demilitarized Palestinian state. [Haaretz]

• Khader Adnan, a Palestinian man arrested in the West Bank and detained without charge, is apparently on death’s door following a (ongoing) 61-day hunger strike. Israel claims he is a member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad. [NYT The Lede]

• Should’ve done this yesterday, but please welcome the Times of Israel to the dance floor. Here’s founding editor David Horovitz’s introductory note. [Times of Israel]

• Who will replace outgoing World Bank head Robert Zoellick? The most likely Jews are Lawrence Summers, Stanley Fischer (!), and Robert Rubin. [NYer Rational Irrationality]

• A Russian-born Israeli author is publishing his new collection of short stories on Facebook. [Electric Literature]

• Highly amusing digression on the honorary degrees Poland’s Jagellonian University has awarded to Jews. [NYRB]

In the heavily Haredi town of Bnei Brak, they do weddings right. Amazing photos.