Daybreak: The Latest Peace Proposal

Plus Adnan to be released, marching in Damascus, and more in the news

By Marc Tracy|February 21, 2012 9:04 AM

• ISRAELI OFFICIALS REVEALED that they offered withdrawal from roughly 90 percent of the West Bank at recent peace talks in Amman, and it was rejected. Israel also proposed to solve borders and security and to leave Jerusalem for later. [Haaretz Diplomania [1]]

• KHADER ADNAN ENDED HIS HUNGER STRIKE at 66 days after reaching a deal with Israeli prosecutors that will apparently see him released in April. An Islamic Jihad member, he had been detained without charge, becoming something of a cause célèbre. [Haaretz [2]]

• THOUSANDS MARCHED IN DAMASCUS over the weekend in the biggest anti-regime protest there so far. [NYT [3]]

• HAVING DOCKED WARSHIPS IN SYRIA, Iran warned the United States against meddling inside the country, whose regime Iran still backs and relies on. [NYT [5]]

• IRAN REPORTEDLY PUT THE KIBOSH on Hamas’ reaching any lasting reconciliation with Fatah. [Ynet [6]]

• SOME SETTLERS HAVE TAKEN LAND in so-called Area B, outside the settlement blocs, in violation of Oslo. [Haaretz [7]]

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