• Stephan Kuhn, a member of Germany’s Green Party, was arrested in Dresden for blasting klezmer music outside City Hall, drowning out a neo-Nazi meeting. We’re not sure if this is a special rule for politicians, but his $210 fine went to a charity for victims of right-wing violence. [JTA]
• In other Green Party news, former U.S. presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney is in prison in Israel after her boat was seized by the government en route to bring aid to Palestinians in Gaza. [Fox News]
• A study out of Haifa University shows that children of Holocaust survivors pick up more about their parents’ pasts from subtle, chilling clues than from storytelling, as in the case of a woman whose parents taught her always to keep a pair of shoes by her bed. [JPost]
• For the first time ever, there might be four Jewish players in the Major League Baseball All-Star game this year; that is, unless, you’re a strict matrilinealist—two of them are Jewish on their fathers’ side. [Bloomberg]
• 20 hotels in Israel have decided to adopt a “modesty code” to accommodate ultra-Orthodox guests. For example, TVs will be disconnected except in special cases: “someone who claims he has a television at home and his looks prove this will be directed to a rabbi who will authorize that he be connected to the television.” [Ynet]
• If you feel the need to follow the The Boston Globe‘s instructions for building an ark, we recommend leaving out the mosquitoes this time. [BG]