• The Iran issue has shunted the settlements issue to a very far back back-burner. But that doesn’t mean it no longer matters. [Haaretz]

• This headline has the best pun in world history. Trust me on this. [Daily Mail]

• Jew-spotting, meet Mormon-spotting. [Gawker]

• After much internal wrangling, the Jewish anti-poverty group Avodah’s trip to Israel will include a visit to the West Bank and a meeting with anti-occupation activists. [Forward]

• An excellent review traces how and why the great Jewish leftist I.F. Stone moved from a bi-nationalist to, in effect, a Zionist. [TNR The Book]

• A U.S. congressman has come under fire for employing an Orthodox man who is refusing his wife a get. When you think about it, “get” is somewhat onomatopoetic, no? [Change.org]

Pleased to say I saw this in person last night.