President Obama yesterday.(Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

• ISRAEL WON’T GIVE THE UNITED STATES ADVANCED WARNING should it decide to attack Iran, has been the message conveyed in high-level meetings. It’s a sign of a gap between the two allies. [AP]

• PRESIDENT OBAMA MAY COMPLY WITH AN ISRAELI REQUEST to draw specific redlines, violation of which would trigger U.S. military responses. He’d most likely do it at his AIPAC speech Sunday. [WSJ]

• CURRENTLY, ADMINISTRATION POLICY is geared toward “buying time,” said a top administration official. [Haaretz]

• THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY MAY ABANDON SECURITY COOPERATION and instead launch a public uprising against Israel in the face of continued peace process deadlock. [Haaretz]

• OFFER SYRIA’S PRESIDENT ASSAD IMMUNITY in exchange for his rapid and peaceful departure, argues former congresswoman Jane Harman. [WSJ]

• IN A RARE SIGN OF ECUMENICISM, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa named a square after an important, pre-Israel Palestinian doctor. [WP]