The two leaders last September.(Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images)

• PRESIDENT OBAMA’S AND PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU’S TEAMS are contemplating language both could agree to, but a lack of trust, born of their suspicion that each is interfering in the other’s domestic politics, is proving fatal. [Haaretz]

• OBAMA WILL LIKELY RESIST ISRAELI CALLS (joined by some Americans) for him to articulate clear red lines, violations of which would prompt U.S. military response. [LAT]

• GIVEN THE SECTARIANISM INVOLVED, implosion stemming from the Syria crisis is expected to be felt across the region. [NYT]

• IRAN PRETTY UNCONVINCINGLY talks an anti-nuclear weapons talk. [NYT]

• SEVERAL LEADING JEWISH PRO-ISRAEL VOICES are lobbying the State Department to move the Iranian MEK group, which also hates the Iranian regime and may have worked with Israel on anti-regime operations, off its list of terrorist groups. The problem is it’s pretty much a terrorist group. [JTA]

• DANIEL PEARL IS THE LATEST JEW whom, we’ve learned, was posthumously baptized by Mormons. Guys, not cool. [Boston Globe]