An anti-aircraft gun at the Natanz nuclear site.(Hasan Sarbakhshian/AP/WP)

• U.S. BUSTER-BUNKERS COULD PROBABLY PENETRATE the underground, fortified Iranian nuclear facility called Fordow, which is likely mostly impervious to Israeli bombs. Understanding this is crucial to understanding the U.S.-Israeli stand-off right now. [WP]

• FORMER MOSSAD CHIEF AMOS YADLIN spells it out: Israel must trust that the United States would strike if it came down to it, or else Israel will now. [NYT]

• IS THERE DAYLIGHT BETWEEN ISRAELI JEWS AND U.S. JEWS? Most Israeli Jews oppose a unilateral Israeli strike against Iran and support President Obama over Republican contenders, according to a new poll. [JPost]

• NO INTIFADA IS FORMALLY PLANNED, said the Palestinian Authority, which added that protests might still erupt in the coming months. [JPost]

• POINTING TO NORTH KOREA, which agreed to temporarily halt its nuclear weapons program in exchange for food, one Israeli official suggested starving Iran into compliance. How about no. [Ynet]

• ISRAEL QUIETLY LEGALIZED SHVUT RACHEL, a small, old hilltop-style settlement outpost in the West Bank. [AP/Vos Iz Neias?]