Happy Purim!

• The big guys have agreed to re-open shmoozing with Iran over nuclear program. [NYT]

• If Iran went for the bomb, would we know? [NYT]

• (Jewish) Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel won the Republican nomination for Senate. More at 12. [Plains Dealer]

• An Indian national working for an Iranian news agency was arrested for the February 14th New Delhi bombing that injured the wife of an Israeli diplomat [JPost]

• Maureen Dowd denounces the “hubris” of Iran hawks. [NYT]

• While Thomas Friedman asks whether Obama is “the most pro-Israel president in history, or just one of the most.” [NYT]

• China is removing workers from Syria. [Guardian]

• And in an endorsement the President probably could live without, Ron Paul said he’s closer to Obama than GOP on ‘reckless’ Iran talk. [The Hill]