• SATELLITE IMAGES OF THE PARCHIN IRANIAN MILITARY FACILITY might be showing the cover-up of a neutron initiator test, a device whose only purpose is for nuclear weapons. [AP]

• THE U.S., CHINA, RUSSIA, FRANCE, GERMANY, AND BRITAIN issued a joint statement demanding Iran let inspectors visit the site. [JPost]

• AYATOLLAH KHAMEINI ATTACKED PRESIDENT OBAMA for pushing international sanctions but praised him for warning against “casual” talk of military action. [JPost]

• 58 PERCENT OF ISRAELIS OPPOSE an Israeli strike on Iran without U.S. backing, however Prime Minister’s Netanyahu Likud party is more popular than ever. [Haaretz]

• PRESIDENT OBAMA ASKED THE PENTAGON to start reviewing military options for Syria. [NYT]

• FRENCH PRESIDENT NICOLAS SARKOZY CALLED FOR LABELING of ritually slaughtered food and said there were “Too many foreigners” in France. More at 10. [The Lede]