Woody Allen.(Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Following his phenomenal success with Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen is to star with Sharon Stone in John Turturo’s new fil… actually, forget it. There is nothing more to say.

…[John] Turturro and [Woody] Allen play cash-strapped best friends who decide to go into the gigolo business together and subsequently attract the suspicion of the Hasidic Jewish community in which they live. The duo take on the pseudonyms Virgil and Bongo, with Allen pimping out Turturro’s character until he falls for a Jewish widow, who has not yet been cast.

Production of Fading Gigolo is supposed to start in New York in April. And never let it be said Woody doesn’t give us what we want.

Woody Allen Turns Out ‘Gigolo’ Role [Variety]
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