• INTERNATIONAL INSPECTORS ARE BETTING BIG on gaining access to Iran’s Parchin site, saying they will insist on it. Iran has so far refused. [The Daily Beast]

• SINCE IRAN HAS DEVELOPED COVERT FACILITIES BEFORE, some worry that the United States would not detect further Iranian breakouts, as the Obama administration’s calculations assume it would. [LAT]

• JOINT HAMAS-FATAH PALESTINIAN ELECTIONS WILL BE DELAYED from their planned May date. This was very, very predictable. [The National]

• U.N. ENVOY KOFI ANNAN CAME AWAY EMPTY-HANDED from a visit to Damascus, where he had been seeking a cease-fire at the least. He did meet with President Assad. [WP]

• THE MIGRON OUTPOST WILL BE MOVED as part of a deal with residents, to a nearby, legal hill, in what will represent the peaceful dismantling of an illegal West Bank settlement. [JTA/Forward]

• FORMER MOSSAD CHIEF MEIR DAGAN reiterated that a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities right now would be a bad idea: