Ashdod, Israel, yesterday.(Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

• FIGHTING SLOWLY CEASED BETWEEN ISRAEL AND GAZA, reportedly thanks to a tenuous Cairo-based cease-fire. More than 300 rockets have been fired from Gaza since Friday. [WP]

• THE BATTLE REVEALED A NEW STRATEGIC SITUATION in which, in part because of the Iron Dome missile defense, Israel can stay on its heels and not threaten imminent attack. [NYT]

• THE EGYPTIAN PARLIAMENT CALLED FOR SEVERING ISRAELI TIES following the several days of fighting. [Times of Israel]

• DENYING IT IS NUCLEAR, IRAN WILL ALLOW international inspectors access to its Parchin military site, it said. [DPA/Haaretz]

• BRITAIN WILL JOIN THE UNITED STATES in urging against an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities right now. Prime Minister David Cameron begins a three-day visit today. [NYT]

• RIGHT-WING ONE-STATE RESOLUTIONS HAVE PASSED TWO STATE LEGISLATURES, and are bound for more. In at least one instance supported by the Zionist Organization of America, they are meant to signal that supporters believe Israel should have all the land. [Forward]