(Margarita Korol/Tablet Magazine)

Today, Jonathan Sarna’s When General Grant Expelled the Jews, the latest Nextbook Press offering, was published. It may be purchased at an online or bricks-and-mortar bookmonger near you.

Seems like a good time to inaugurate a continuing if irregular feature: Scroll Book Club. Every so often, I’ll choose a book. We’ll agree to have read a certain part of it by a certain date, at which point I’ll write a little something, and all of it by a certain, later date. You guys will submit questions for the author. And the author will answer them on The Scroll in a format to be determined later.

First book: why, how about When General Grant Expelled the Jews! (No, they won’t always be Nextbook Press titles.) It’s a brisk tome. What say we agree to read the first half—up to Chapter 4, ” ‘To Prove Impartiality Toward Israelites’ “—by Wednesday, March 28.

And do leave suggestions for which future books you would like to see Scroll Book Club tackle.

When General Grant Expelled the Jews