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• “Bin Laden also criticized subordinates for linking their operations to local grievances rather than the overarching Muslim cause of Palestine. … ‘It was necessary to discuss Palestine first,’ lectured Bin Laden.” [WP]

• President Peres was a strong supporter of the Israeli attack on the Iraqi nuclear reactor 31 years ago. But regarding it and Iran’s facilities, he says, “It’s like comparing a sausage with a snake—the diameter may be the same but it’s not the same creature.” [Haaretz Diplomania]

• Turkey may set up a “safe zone” for refugees from neighboring Syria. [Reuters/JPost]

• The U.S. Navy just so happens to be beefing up in the waters around Iran. [Wired Danger Room]

• A visual representation of Sandra Fluke’s connection to dirty evil socialist Jews. [JTA Capital J]

• A video news segment on Tablet Magazine’s Don’t Cry For Me, Ahashuerus. [The Jewish Channel]

• Opinions on Israel are like Israeli settlements: We don’t need more of them. [CFR From the Potomac to the Euphrates]

• A Q&A with Friend-of-The-Scroll Gideon Lewis-Kraus on his new book, A Sense of Direction. [NYT T]

• Additional sanitation collection pre-Pesach in Brooklyn. [Ditmas Park Corner]

• Israeli Bauhaus. Not your house, Bauhaus! [NYT]

The Daily Show gets to the bottom of UNESCO’s perfidy and why the United States was quite right to cut off all its funding.