Several eminences, including President Sarkozy and Toulouse Mayor Pierre Cohen, outside the high school today.(Eric Cabanis/AFP/Getty Images)

• Four Jews, including a teacher and his two children, were killed in an early-morning shooting outside and then inside the Jewish high school that serves as the center of the 25,000-strong Jewish community of Toulouse, France. The gunman, who hopped off a motorcycle and entered the school and kept shooting, is at large. Nationwide, France has closed all streets with Jewish institutions on them. [Haaretz]

• Amir Mizroch situates the shooting in the context of the failed recent attacks in Georgia, Thailand, and elsewhere. “We must look after each other,” he says. “All Jews are responsible for each other. We are our brothers’ keepers.” [Forecast Highs]

• Israeli and U.S. intelligence reportedly agree that Iran has most likely not fully restarted its actual nuclear weaponization program. [NYT]

• It seems unclear whether Israel’s homeland is secure in the event of retaliation for an attack on Iran. Nearly half the Israeli population lacks gas masks, for one thing. [WP]

• Hawkish pro-Israel groups like the Emergency Committee for Israel and AIPAC have had an outsize effect on the Iran debate in the United States, driving it rightward so that even President Obama has moved nearer their positions. [NYT]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu was honored in Jerusalem by Christians United for Israel, now the world’s largest pro-Israel group. [Haaretz/Forward]