• A classified U.S. war game has military officials worried about the likelihood of involvement following an Israeli attack on Iran. [NYT]

• But Israelis and Iranians love each other! Or some of them do, on Facebook. Speaking of which, Happy Nowruz! [+972]

• Omar Sharif, Jr., is Omar Sharif’s grandson. He’s also gay and half-Jewish. [Advocate]

• The half-black, half-Jewish, all-American Irish dancing champ. [NYT]

• Top Obama adviser David Axelrod used the questionable term “Mittzkrieg” on Twitter today. [Twitter David Axelrod]

• Somebody should save the Baltimore Jewish Times (and also Washington City Paper). [JTA/Forward]

Fifty years ago today, Bob Dylan’s first album dropped. It included his original version of “Baby Let Me Follow You Down,” a tune he picked up “in the green pastures of Harvard University.” But that version’s not on YouTube, so you’ll have to “settle” for the Royal Albert Hall 1966 version.