• There are still Shalit-style kidnappings and terror attacks being hatched; they are still being hatched by Hamas; only now, Hamas has Sinai to operate freely out of. [Haaretz]

• After a 30-hour, perhaps bungled siege, Muhammed Merah, the suspected killer in Monday’s attack on a Jewish high school, jumped to his death. [Reuters/JPost]

• Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told an audience at Philadelphia’s Federation that an attack on Iran would be “a catastrophe.” [Jewish Exponent]

• India plans to continue buying oil from Iran at an uninterrupted pace. Boooooo. [WSJ]

• The government reportedly pressured essentially a bureaucrat into delaying the relocation of the Migron settlement. [Haaretz]

• David Ignatius, who got early access to the Bin Laden Papers, profiles al-Qaida press operative Adam Gadahn, born Pearlman, who apparently didn’t know Seymour Hersh from Simon Hirsh. [WP]