The Park Slope Food Coop.(tory stewart/Flickr)

The big night is tonight! With battle lines long drawn, as many as 3000 members of the (16,000-member) Park Slope Food Coop will gather in a Brooklyn school to vote on whether to hold a Coop-wide referendum on whether to cease selling the (very few) products made in Israel or the West Bank. To clarify: this isn’t “Zionist B.D.S.” (although if it were, the SodaStream seltzer-maker would be verboten); this is B.D.S.

There’s really not much else to do except wait to read what happens tonight. Only Coop members are allowed at these monthly meetings, and tonight will be a pretty airtight way of finding out which people you follow on Twitter are among them. (If you aren’t on Twitter, friend-of-The-Scroll Chad Matlin’s live-tweeting last time was virtuosic, and I anticipate a repeat performance: follow him here.) Some suggested reading:

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• The current mayor as well as most people who want to be mayor are against the boycott. [NYT]

• Carol Wald, a leading advocate in favor of the boycott (whom I interviewed last month), published an op-ed today. [NYDN]

• Hummus frequently seems to find itself at the center of political battles (although actually it’s not one of the products in question). [NYMag]

• An interesting take: the divisiveness of this resolution says as much about the changing nature of Park Slope as the Israel debate. [NYT]

• Neighborhood stalwart Rabbi Andy Bachman gets his final word in. [Water Over Rocks]