Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Barak late last year.(Ahikam Seri/Getty Images)

• Prime Minister Netanyahu, the self-appointed savior, and Defense Minister Barak, the military man, have teamed up for a potentially explosive buddy comedy. But can they get at least six of their friends in the cabinet to greenlight the production? [NYT]

• Though things like “location” and “exact date” are hazy, there are theoretically nuclear talks with Iran scheduled for a couple weeks from now. [JTA]

• Shaul Mofaz decisively won the Kadima vote, unseating Tzipi Livni as head of the opposition and the Knesset’s largest party. More later. [NYT]

• There is exactly one big Jewish Obama ’08 bundler who isn’t doing the same this year: Hollywood’s very own David Geffen. [Forward Thinking]

• The Times’ take on the J Street conference and lobbying efforts. [NYT]

• The primary challenger (who is black) to Sen. Ben Cardin, Democrat of Maryland (who is Jewish), is handing out literature noting that there are zero senators from a group that’s 12 percent of the U.S. population and 12 from a figure’s 1.8 percent. It’s ugly as politicking, but here’s the thing: about the former figure, at least, he has a point. [Buzzfeed]