Newt Gingrich yesterday.(Win McNamee/Getty Images)

• Newt Gingrich has no chance left, according to the most important person to Gingrich’s campaign. [Jewish Journal/TPM]

• Aaron David Miller notes that the shortcoming of the Annan Plan is that it leaves President Assad in power in Syria. And Assad has got to go. [NYT]

• You simply have to read this brief tale of basketball player Glen “Big Baby” Davis, his random fan-friend, and knishes. [Deadspin]

• Euro 2012 is in Poland. Should the German soccer team visit Auschwitz? Commence your arguing. [The Classical]

• Jon Scheyer, off Maccabi Tel Aviv and back in the States, is debriefed. [Duke Chronicle]

• So Lena Dunham is Jewish (mother’s side). What with the whole St. Ann’s thing, one always assumed. [Heeb]

Apparently Israelis eat lots and lots of chocolate? My free association brought me to Count Chocula, which brought me to Sesame Street’s The Count, which brought me to this hilarious video in which The Count is repeatedly bleeped out. And wouldn’t you know, but isn’t The Count implicitly a character from the Yiddish stage?