• Israel’s Civil Administration has been secretly mapping ‘available land’ in the West Bank and naming the spots after existing Jewish settlements, presumably with an eye towards expansion. The areas encompass ten percent of the West Bank. [Haaretz]

• Israel-US-Greece military exercises are underway in the Mediterranean . [William Arkin]

• So apparently Iran makes the world’s toughest concrete, which could potentially resist even bunker-busting bombs. [Economist]

• Amidst worsening conditions in their home country, over 3,000 South Sudanese refugees will not be forced to leave Israel for at least 6 moths. [JTA]

• Raids around France, prompted (although, why did they need a prompt?) by the Toulouse killing, resulted in the arrest of 19 alleged Islamic militants. [NYT]

• New Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz is off to a running start, accusing Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu against strikes on Iran and accusing him of using the threat to distract from domestic issues. [JPost]

• It’s Land Day, and clashes have already begun at the Kalandia checkpoint. They’re expected to get worse this evening. [Haaretz]

• James Richard Endler, the engineer who helped build the World Trade Center, the Renaissance Center in Detroit, and the first Jewish chapel at his alma mater of West Point, died at 82. [NYT]