((Tablet Magazine))

By popular demand, Tablet Magazine will be presenting the third annual production of contributing editor Rachel Shukert’s (mostly) original Passover musical Everything’s Coming Up Moses. It’s playing at 92Y Tribeca on Wednesday, April 4, with Seth Rudetsky resuming his role as Moses, Matt Cavenaugh as Pharoh and David Rakoff as God, directed by Michael Schiralli with music direction by Bobby Peaco.

Whoever writes 92Y’s blurbs is fantastic, so I’ll leave it to them:

Everything’s Coming Up Moses is a musical retelling of the Jews’ flight from Egypt as seen through the larger-than-life journey of Moses, the original pushy stage mother. Through an irresistible blend of theatrical razzle-dazzle, old fashioned show biz moxie and soon-to-be classic show tune spoofs, Moses tirelessly shepherds the Children of Israel to the Promised Land—whether they like it or not.

Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door (but what, are you made of money? Buy them now!).

Everything’s Coming Up Moses [92Y Tribeca]