U.N. ambassador Susan Rice yesterday.(Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)

• We think Syria has accepted a plan whereby it will withdraw its tanks in a weed. Because asking it to do so now would be too much of an imposition. [LAT]

• In advance of a letter President Abbas has pledged to send Prime Minister Netanyahu, top negotiators from both sides have met secretly over the past couple weeks. [Haaretz Diplomania]

• Some IDF officials estimated that casualties following Iran’s and Hezbollah’s retaliation for a potential Israeli strike would number fewer than 300—a sharply lower estimate than has been proffered in the past. [Haaretz]

• Egypt’s Coptic Christians backed out of the panel drafting the new constitution, accusing it of being too Islamist-dominated. [WP]

• How Boro Park transforms in the days leading up to Pesach. [NYT]

• The Israeli soccer league champion is a decade-old team created to inspire a northern town in the wake of Hezbollah bombardment from Lebanon. [NYT]