• The International Criminal Court rejected a Palestinian request to investigate and prosecute Israel for alleged war crimes committed in the course of Operation Cast Lead. [Haaretz]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu formally delayed the evacuation of a house in Hebron occupied by a group of settlers who claim they paid for it. [NYT]

• Steven A. Cook argues that an Iranian nuclear bomb would not lead to a regional arms race. [FP]

• The U.S. National Security Agency has outsourced some wiretapping tasks to companies with close ties to Israel, raising questions of whom, exactly, is being eavesdropped on. [Wired Threat Level]

Diner: the oral history. [Baltimore Magazine]

• An interview with the Miami cosmetic surgeon who released that awful nose job video, and is now offering free procedures to Orthodox single people. [Moment]

Happy new Woody trailer day. Penelope!