• Israel’s goals for the Iran nuclear talks set to begin April 13 or 14, according to Defense Minister Barak, are very ambitious, of course, but not bad as an opening bid: move all 20 percent-enriched uranium out; move most of the 3.5 percent-enriched out; close heavily fortified Fordow facility; move fuel rods in for research reactor. [JPost]

• Prime Minister Fayyad is going to hand-deliver President Abbas’ letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu next week. Like something out of a King Arthur movie or something. [Haaretz]

• Nobel laureate Günter Grass published a new poem arguing that Israel, not Iran, is the biggest threat to Mideast peace. [NYT ArtsBeat]

• Israel’s finance minister revealed that Israel has upped funds to the settlements in the years after the construction freeze. [Haaretz]

• Davening with Jeff Goldblum. [NYO]

• Woman whose life Ryan Gosling saved says we should be worrying about “war on Iran” instead. Dude, look at the top of this post! [Gawker]

It seems like it probably aired several years ago, but this sketch written by contributing editor Etgar Keret is really, really funny.