Building Israel's fence on the southern border with Sinai.(Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images)

• In a highlight of how the Sinai has become a terrorist launching pad, a Grad rocket was fired at the southern resort town of Eilat. [Haaretz]

• Iran doesn’t want next week’s talks in Turkey. It would prefer to make no progress in Iraq or China. [NYT]

• Meanwhile, Turkey’s government summoned the Iranian ambassador, ostensibly over the foreign minister’s remark criticizing the Friends of Syria conference, but also over this. [Yahoo! The Envoy]

• There is evidence that Iran has attempted to foment anti-American feeling and perhaps violence in Afghanistan, throwing into question where else Iran can (or can’t) use its elite forces to cause trouble for U.S. interests. [NYT]

• Prime Minister Netanyahu on the economy: “if you deduct the Arabs and ultra-Orthodox from inequality indexes, we’re in great shape.” Ha? [Haaretz]

• At a public event at Harvard, Peter Beinart criticized Taglit-Birthright for not showing American Jews the Palestinian perspective (or the Palestinians, for that matter), prompting a heated back-and-forth with his interlocutor, Boston’s Federation president. [JTA]