• Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told Iranian media that Iran could withstand two to three years of not selling oil. The world wags its tail. [Haaretz]

• Syrian troops fired on a refugee camp in Turkey yesterday. A cease-fire is planned to begin today ahead of a true on Thursday. Nobody is very optimistic. More on this later. [NYT]

• Sir Salman Rushdie joins Tablet Magazine staff writer Liel Leibovitz in condemning the banning of poet Günter Grass from Israel. Kudos to Arts Beat, by the way, for avoiding the easy but wrong parallel between the fatwa against Rushdie and the Grass situation. [Arts Beat/NYT]

• Has Benjamin Netanyahu doomed his chances for re-election by exaggerating his Facebook friends? More on this later [JPost]

• President Shimon Peres once again asked the White House to release Jonathan Pollard. The White House once again said no. [JPost]

• Isaac Asimov died 20 years ago last Friday. [On This Day]