The crown jewel in the spring 2012 collection from nail polish company OPI is a color called ‘I Have a Herring Problem.’ The color joins ‘Vampsterdam’ and ‘A Roll in the Hague’ in a new collection inspired by Holland. With both ‘I Have a Herring Problem’ and brunch on the brain, we proudly present the Russ & Daughters nail polish line, unofficial and definitely not kosher.

Russ and Colors

Lox and Load: Feelin’ kinda Sunday.

Cutting a Rugelach: Because you danced your pants off at whatever-his-name’s bar mitzvah.

Anne of Green Sables: The flame-haired orphan with a wild imagination and a craving for smoked fish.

City by the Bagel: What, that song wasn’t about the Hudson?

ErROEgenous Zone: Hits the spot.

#whitefishproblems: Why should real memes have all the fun?

Oy, Poppy: Jenny from the Bloc.

Babka Streisand: Barbra is back, don’t you watch Glee?

Art by Margarita Korol