Yad Vashem.(Wikipedia)

• At Yad Vashem for Yom HaShoah, Prime Minister Netanyahu said the lessons of the Holocaust now apply to the “existential threat” of a (potentially) nuclear-armed Iran. [Ynet]

• Question one: what’s the deal with the Gulenists in Turkey? Question two: why is this New York Times article (published in the IHT, which is owned by the Times, and written by Times reporters) not published on the Times’ Website? [IHT/Turkish Politics Daily]

• There’s a new New York-area kosher pop-up restaurant called Manna, presumably on the theory that manna was the original pop-up restaurant. [Grub Street]

• Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter bonded at Anwar Sadat’s funeral. Weird. [The Daily Beast]

• The last time Basel, Switzerland, had a new synagogue, it was 1929. [Chabad.org]

• Introducing: the first Yiddish-Japanese dictionary. [NPR]

Powerful Yom HaShoah poster: