Sheldon Adelson last week in Macau, China.(aaron tam/AFP/Getty Images)

• The Adelsons have given $20 million to Gingrich’s Super PAC, for a return-on-investment of … hold on, let me calculate this … $0. [Politico]

• Appearing at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum with Elie Wiesel, President Obama vowed, “I will always be there for Israel.” [Haaretz]

• Gas masks that keep chemical weapons out and kind bud in. [Forward]

• Please put everything down and read about Alan Z. Feuer, the Most Interesting Man in the World (not the one you think). [NYT]

• The Vatican is welcoming back the Society of St. Pius X, which has Jew problems. [Religion Dispatches]

• Omri Casspi gets it. [Cleveland Plain-Dealer]

A producer once told Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a Jew with shiksa appeal, that curly hair did not make women desirous to menfolk. Then explain this?