The site of the search, in SoHo, a few days ago.(Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images)

• The latest search for any sign of Etan Patz, the six-year-old who disappeared on his way to the bus in 1979, ended fruitlessly, with police finding nothing in a SoHo basement, failing to implicate one suspect. [NYT]

• The Muslim Brotherhood’s new presidential candidate, Mohamed Morsi, is running on an explicit “Islam is the solution” platform, and is expected to win. [NYT]

• While Ismail Haniyeh has long been Gaza’s prime minister, secret Hamas elections putting him atop the politburo there make him the first recognized leader of the territory since 2004. [Haaretz]

• BREAKING: The U.N. observers in Syria have done not all that much. [NYT]

• President Obama extended sanctions on the Syrian and Iranian regimes to those aspects of them that use information technology to help commit alleged human rights abuses. [WP]

• Jan Karski, of the Polish Underground, who provided the first testimony of the Holocaust, will receive a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom. [JTA]